Thursday, May 19, 2011


I KNOW what I am doing with my body is the best, I know it will help me to be healthy when I finally can/do become pregnant...but Im sad, I want to have a baby now-I want to get pregnant now...I know that I am still not healthy enough, another 40 pounds or so, and I believe I will be ready to start trying. But with my 30th birthday coming up in August, Im overwhelmed with sadness, I always thought I would be where I wanted to be in my life by the time I was 30, married with a couple of kiddos...Like my sisters. I FINALLY got the married part down (FYI our 1 year anniversary is on Sunday!!) but I just want a baby :(

sorry for the whining, Im just feeling sorry for myself lately

I think motherhood would look good on me :)

Me with my nephews Andrew and Porter Thanksgiving 2009


  1. Oh Julie, I know exactly how you feel, although I do have two kids I had major trouble with the first, took 3 years to get pregnant so I can kind of relate to things not going according to plan.

    Know that you are giving your baby the best gift you can by being the healthiest you can be.

    This is a great motivation to get healthy and you have already taken many steps to do so.

    Big hugs!

  2. You can do it Julie! I'm sure you feel like weight is holding you back but losing it is preparing you for motherhood! :) Besides not only is it what's best for your body - it's what's best for the baby too! Vent anytime! It's your blog and you can do what you want! Good luck Julie! Stick it out and you'll have a baby on board and glowing in no time!

  3. I just have to say that I had the same thoughts about having kids before I was 30, I didn't find my husband until I was 28. We waited a year before trying just to give us time together. I was overweight then and still am. But I had my first at 30 and my second at 32. Things may not happen in the order in which we see them in our head, but they do happen. I am now attempting to lose weight so I can show them a good example. Please just don't put your dreams of children on hold because you still want to lose a few pounds.