Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Im A BADASS And Ill Get Through This!

Recently...there have been a lot of changes going on in my life...some small some big...but all meant to be.

I have finally come to realize that I am a person who deserves respect, deserves to be taken care of, deserves to be treated like a good person, who IS a good person. I have had a hard time coming to this conclusion, but with the recent changes in my life, I have realized that the good things, the good thoughts, the small things, the things that I ADORE doing for people aren't taken for granted anymore and are appreciated by the people I am doing them for.

I'm having some minor health issues right now, and hoping that they will be done SOON, thinking its a negative reaction to a medication that I'm taking...after many doctor visits, an ER visit, ultrasound, blood & urine test, etc...Im hoping to find out some answers soon. It shows a lot about people when they are there for you and care about your well being...It makes me feel very loved, and I LOVE my family and friends who are concerned about me. Im hoping things will be back to normal SOON~

Hugs and Kisses!


"Some days you gotta dance

Live it up when you get the chance

'Cause when the world doesn't make no sense

And you're feeling just a little too tense

Gotta loosen up those chains and dance"

Dixie Chicks