Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Post You All Have Been Waiting For...well, maybe

NO, I'm not pregnant! BUT, on Friday July 8th, me and my sisters, my best friend and my sister Stacey's best friend all hopped into the car to make the 4 1/2 hour drive up to Tacoma, Washington. Why you ask?? WELL, to see New Kids On The Block, of course!! These pictures will probably be out of order, but oh well...we had SOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!

These pictures are totally out of order, sorry about that!

Me and my best friend Kathy at Red Robin for dinner

My awesome sister Stacey and her best friend Tiffany

My funny and awesome sister Kelli and I

Sisterly Love <3

We got to meet up with an old friend/neighbor who lives up in Tacoma for is all of us L to R: Kathy, Me, Stacey, Tiffany, Kelli and Angie

Kathy and I before we left...NO makeup or crimped hair yet :(

Woo Hoo Concert Time!!

Very blurry picture, but I crimped my hair, its awesome!

Kelli and I decided to take shots of Patron


Kelli Dancing!

Stacey and Kathy

Getting our drink on...well, except for Tiffany, shes with child :)

On our way in!! I made my own shirt because I lost my NKOTB shirt :( then my hubby found it just this week...bummer...I hate that my hair is in my face!

Me and my sissy

Me and my bestie Kathy...did you know? Jesus cares about you!!

The End...what a great time full of wonderful memories.

Thank you girls for being a part of this awesome experience with me!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Enchanted Forest

There isn't a whole lot of fun theme park type things to do here in Oregon. We have one place up in Salem called Enchanted Forest, I hadn't been since I was 5. My best friend Kathy and her family decided to go last weekend. I borrowed my nephew for the day and we had such a blast, I can't wait to go back. It's a super cute place. Here are some pictures of our adventure :)

Humpty Dumpty

Austin, Avery and Kylee

Me and my nephew Avery

Avery in the crooked house

Me being a total dork in the crooked house

This was one of our favorite things, the log get super soaked!

This was SO cute, all Kylee wanted to do was hold Avery's hand

Panning for "gold"

Me and Kylee watching the gang go on the log ride...she was too little to go :(

Bumper boats!!

My beautiful best friend Kathy and her daughter Kylee

Kathy, Brandon, Austin and Avery on the log ride making a big splash!

Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole

Me and Aves in the "witches mouth

It sure was a great time and I so cant wait to have more fun adventures this that the sun has finally decided to show up in the Pacific Northwest!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I used to get the winning number...I used #'s 1-5 because my friend Pam from Womens guide to surviving motherhood couldnt get her comment to work...anyway, without further ado...

the winning number is #4!!!!! Congrats Sarah!! email me at with your email address and favorite color...woot woot!!!

Also...I did my first 10K this weekend, holy moly, my body HATES me right now, like literally hates me. I wasnt able to run the whole way but probably ran a total of 5 of the 6.2 miles...not too bad, now onto the 1/2 marathon in September...YES I AM CRAZY!!