Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us your life...

Kelly over at Kellys Korner ( has a show us your life this week all about baby names.

Since the wedding is around the corner, and well, I pretty much want to start trying to have kids right away (although Matt doesnt, but heck, I have waited LONG ENOUGH, 9 years to get married, I say that I deserve to at least try, plus it will be fun for him)

anyway, dont think I have posted this here before, but I am almost 100% convinced that I we are going to have twins, I have had a weird feel about it my whole life and certain things have happened lately that just make me think its going to happen...

Matt and I cant really agree on boys names ever, but here are some that I really like




Ellisen Grace (Grace is the name of Matt's niece who sadly is in heaven now) I have been in love with this name for about 8 years now, and I dont think Matt could convince me of anything else

anyway, I need more ideas cause I dont really LOVE any boy help me out a little, IF/WHEN I have twins, pretty sure it will be a boy and a girl, so whats a good boy name to go w/ Ellisen?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Most Amazing Party EVER!

My sister Stacey is so sweet and threw me the best bachelorette party in the world! We went to the casino for the night-had lots of fun!! 3 people got banned from the casino floor...I dont remember most of the night, but I do remember having a ball.

the pictures are in reverse order, so starting at the bottom is the least drunk, top...most drunk! :)

Me SUPER drunk in the bar
Kristen, Stacey and ? (Phil James' sister, dont remember her name)

My sweet friend Sonja...feather boa's and ring shot glasses and crown courtesy of her
Matt's awesome sister Erin

Yummy big drink!

Group shot...Erin, Christi, Stacey, Me, Sonja, Kelli, Marsia and Kristen!

Kristen and Erin

My sister Kelli and my friend Marsia

Sweet Sonja

Marsia...maybe a little drunk??

My sweet friend Christi!!

My sweet friend Kristen

Me and Sonja

My sister Kelli and I being silly

Kristen...wearing the pinata as a hat...with her shot glass ring, and Malibu Rum in her ta-ta's

Best Buddies...Kristen, Christi, Marsia and I

Me and the best friend, and worst enemy!

Stacey my sister, Erin my future sister in law and me

Stacey and I

Stacey and I again

My adorable sister Stacey

Dorky Self-portrait

Stacey and Christi testing out the ring shot glasses

Me and Sonja

Group shot before Sonja got there...Erin, Marsia, Christi, Kristen, Stacey, Kelli and me

Group the bathtub in the awesome suite we got, Me Christi, Kristen, Kelli and Stacey