Monday, May 23, 2011


I cant believe that I went from doing NOTHING, to running 2, count them 2 5K's in ONE WEEK!!! I did my first one last Sunday at the "Bark in the Park" that day my sweet sister Stacey asked if I would walk one the following Saturday for the "Born to run challenge" for the Lane Pregnancy Center...I thought, oh man, will I even be recovered from the one on Sunday yet? But I figured, what's it going to hurt to walk it??

We got there, and I got all excited and decided, IM GONNA RUN IT!!! At first I just thought Ill do it half way, then see how I feel from there...I may be a slow runner, as I finished LAST of the runners, but I did it damn it! AND I beat my time on Sunday by 2 minutes!! Im so proud of my sister Stacey and sister in law Sarah for doing it with me...they were SUCH troopers!! Here are pictures from the day. Its funny, this is the FIRST time I have actually seen the weight loss in me, Im starting to look more like my beautiful sister!

Me and my beautiful sister Stacey, I just ADORE her!

Stacey, me and Sarah, ready to run!

Ok, so this picture needs some explaining...this is my nephew Porter, Stacey's youngest

He is SUCH a mama's litereally I think I have held him once without him crying for mom. Since Stacey and I were wearing almost the exact same thing, she was taking pictures of the event, Porter came up to me and put his arms out, I couldnt believe it! He wanted me to hold him, and of course he was crying. As soon as I picked him up and put him on my hip, he stopped crying! All was well for about a minute, until he actually looked at my face and realized I was NOT his mother, then this is what happened! HAHA, I love my Porter man!!

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  1. You look great Julie!! How much weight have you lost?! You look fabulous! 2 5k's in one week! Holy cow! WTG girl! I really want to do my first one. I'm a little nervous. I am only up to running 10 straight minutes without stopping and that's on a treadmill which is easier than running on ground. There is one really close by in October. I hope to make that one. Congrats to you!