Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hi my name is Julie and I have been missing!

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately, there have been a lot of things going on lately in my life. Matt and I have now been happliy married for a whopping 3 months now!! How exciting! Yeah Im a dork I know...I just love him so much!

About a month after we got married we found out that his mom has terminal cancer...The doctors gave her 6 months to live...I have been having an extremely difficult time with this and have fallen into a deep depression. It really sucks, I have had entirely too many people in my life die way too early...Its bringing up a lot of emotions for me and I have been crying 15-20 times a day lately.

ANYWAY...I have decided to do something for MYSELF...I am joining SYL's challenge again, but this time I am going to finish it!! Check it out here if your interested in seeing everyones progress...wish me luck!!
and a picture for the hell of it, cause whats a post w/o a picture?