Monday, May 16, 2011


I never thought I would ever ever say those words...I did my first 5k this weekend. I started training about 4 weeks ago-going from not running at all to RUNNING THE WHOLE WAY!! 2 of the 4 weeks of training I didnt run at all. 1 week I hurt my back really bad, another week (the week right before the race) I was emotional too damaged to run...we got some more bad news on Matt's mom, and drama surrounding my life has exploded. BUT, I put my big (not so big anymore) girl panties on, and got up early Sunday morning and went to the "Bark in the Park" a 5k to support our local humane society. The farthest I had ever got on the treadmill was 1 mile...1 mile running, how was I going to get through 3.2 miles??? My first goal was to make it to the half way point, not so bad right? Then I would take a little break and walk, well, got to the half way mark, and thought to myself, just a little further, then just a little further, till I was finally at the finish line. Im not going to lie, I wanted to stop and walk a few times, but I DIDNT! My time wasnt the best, but I did it!! My official time was 48 minutes and 37 seconds...What an emotional journey, I cried tears of joy at the end (SHOCKING, me, cry??) Thanks to my good friend Sonja for being there for me every step of the way! Now, onto the 10k in July and the 1/2 marathon in September!! I AM A RUNNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before the race, with my dear friend Sonja...A little nervous!

Me in my running garb...ready to run!!

After the run...still smiling!!