Monday, June 27, 2011

Almost 30...

And Honestly, I cannot wait!! I KNOW most of you (like my whole 3 readers) think I am crazy, but I have always said that I cant wait to be 30...figured I would be where I would want to be in life by then...I am ALMOST there...

I have a wonderful husband...a beautiful house...but there are 1, 2, or 3 maybe even more things missing...KIDS. I cant wait to be a mama, its all I have ever wanted. I just get depressed thinking that it hasnt happened yet, but then I have to think "everything happens for a reason. I KNOW I was suppose to lose this weight first (which I would like to lose about 40 more before having a baby) but I sure am glad that I have nieces and nephews to fill my time...which by the way, our family has grown by 1 new niece...Matt's sister and brother in law adopted a little girl from Korea, she is beautiful, her name is Gemma. :)

My WONDERFUL husband (with a crooked tie)

I LOVE my kitchen, too bad I have no idea how to cook...
thats where Matt comes in real handy :)

The front of my house-not too shabby for our first place

A new picture my sister took of me the other day

XOXOXO, Julie :)

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  1. that house is frickin' cute! i love it! and you know what...i love my 30's. they're so much better than the 20's. i found myself in my's hoping that you do, too!!