Monday, September 14, 2009

so finally getting around to posting 10-day results, and a big oops!

I have only lost 3 pounds, but I feel a lot better and I have actually lost a few inches in the process too!

Waist -3"
Thigh -1"
so a total of 5 inches lost, yippee~!

I have to admit this weekend was pretty crazy and I did not get a workout in on Saturday (I wasnt even home all day) and yesterday I did not feel good at all, I couldnt keep anything down, so I didnt workout yesterday either, but you know what? Im not going to beat myself up over it and I am going to just add 2 days to the end of the workout...but today Im ready to workout and I should have my bike today or tomorrow so hopefully Ill be riding my bike to/from work too :)

Since I dont have any pics to post from this weekend, here is a few from last July when my family came to town from Nebraska-my dad...ahhh, I love my daddy (as you all know) but man he is such a dork! Since we live in Eugene aka Hippy Town USA, dad decided that while the Nebraska family was in town, we should all make our own tye dyed t shirts...yup, then-all go down to the Saturday Market wearing our t shirts-LUCKILY, I was at an adoption event that day so couldnt make it to the SM, oh bummer! haha

Me and my awesome cousin Austin

the Nebraska kids with my mommy
Me and my mom and daddy (love this picture of my mom cause it captures her silly self, one of my favorite things about her!)

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