Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day TWO!!

I had a great workout tonight, and surprisingly enough, I felt like I gave more to it today, didnt rest much at anyway, here are my workout pics for your enjoyment (or disgust) :)

dang pics are in reverse order...

after workout

Doing crunches-damn my boobs look HUGE!
Post workout
Pre workout!


  1. great job Julie, and just for the record, some people (me) would kill for those boobs! Coming from someone who doesn't have any :-) Wear them proud LOL!

  2. Good job to you as well! It's nice having a group of people all encouraging each other and working towards the same goal! :]

    I agree, the 2nd day definitely seemed easier... it wasn't quite as much of a shock- you knew what to expect. it still was quite the kick in the butt, but I feel great!


    p.s: I ♥ the picture of you & your husband.. it's adorable :]

  3. Just want to wish you good luck. Stay strong! People here are all nice. If you need advise feel free to ask around.