Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day NINE!! And its a good thing

I usually work out in the evening, but yesterday for some reason I got up early and so decided to do my workout in the morning-GOOD THING cause by the time I got home from work my head was pounding SO bad I could hardly move...weird how things hapen like that huh?

no pics today from yesterday :(

can I ask ya'll for a prayer request real quick-Matt is going into the doctor tomorrow, but when I got home from work yesterday he had this weird growth on his face near his cheekbone towards the upper part. It appeared suddenly and is pretty large not quite the size of a golf ball but a little smaller. Im sure its just a cyst or an infection or something like that, but I always tend to be a worrier, so I am trying not to this time :)


  1. I keep thinking early morning workouts are a good idea because maybe I can just convince myself that I'm having a bad dream...

    It's definitely a good way to start the day tho... (plus, always nice to get it behind you).

    I had a lump on my neck that the doctors told me they were 80% sure was cancer (one doc said "oh, that's cancer... I'm sure of it). After weeks of worry and tests that couldn't determine anything, they sliced me open to look around. Turns out it was an infection beneath the muscle, which explained why the lump was so hard. Hope it something like that for Matt.

  2. You guys are in my thoughts and Prayers Julie, hopefully it's just something really simple. Please take care of yourself..