Tuesday, January 26, 2010


yup...you heard me right.

I saw this on another person's blog, and I HAD to post it here...the blog I saw it on is


here is the funny post:

I've been "fat sitting" for far too long.

Far. FAR!! Too long!!

It's high time I returned this fat to it's rightful owner.

There is some skinny bitch out there who is missing her fat!! Bless her heart!! She's probably cold. Having trouble deciding which dude to lay. And wants a burrito.

Well, here ya go, sweet cheeks...I'm done with this shit. It's all yours!

Uh...actually...I'm gonna need just a couple more weeks with the fat, so I can give it a proper goodbye. After that...I SWEAR!! I'll return it!

**Please remind me that I declared this publicly...and hold my fat ass accountable to shedding some LBs!! Deal?**


  1. this is funny stuff. You know i'm always here if you wnat to chat or what ever!