Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day ONE of Detox

so Im doing my Tahitian Noni Detox again...I have to drink this drink 2 times a day and eat lean meats/veggies...so far today here is what I have eaten:

3 boiled egg whites
some roasted chicken
broccoli (no butter)
grilled chicken breast
a handful of almonds

ts funny, cause I dont USUALLY eat like crap, but whenever I know I cant have something, I want it...like I never eat chocolate, but its all I have been craving today! NO FAIR!

and a pic just cause :) We had this picture taken for Matt's Mom and Dad for Christmas, it is all of us, Matt and his 2 sisters, his brother and law and 3 nephews Kellen, Noaln and Greyson, oh and me :)

Greg, Greyson (on shoulders) Erin, Nolan, Heather, Kellen, Matt, Julie


  1. Good luck with the detox. My hubby and I always talk about doing a detox but haven't actually done one. Unless for me you count the LA Weight Loss jumpstart thing they have you do...drink some juice concoction they have and then eat lean protein and dark green veggies for 2 days.. I liked it ok but my luck was always that AF/TOM would show up either the day I started the detox or the day I finished. LOL

    Cute pic!! :)

  2. Cute family pic! Good luck with the detox. Your body with appreciate it.

    It is funny how as soon as you make something off limits you start to crave it!

  3. Great picture!!

    I think the cravings you are talking about is exactly why some people fail at restrictive diets. It becomes all they can think about.