Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a new me??

well, yesterday I made a new commitment to myself...I really want to be HEALTHY-I want to lose this weight so bad...I really want to lose 100 pounds in the next year, so according to my calculations, that would be 8.33 pounds a month or 2.08 pounds a week...do-able right? I certainly hope so. I have a WEDDING in 10 months!! One of my best friends Tiffany and I are doing a 12 week challenge with her sister and a few other friends-and there is not only weight loss on the line, but $$ too!! Cant beat that, I am motivated by money!

I have always been the "token" fat girl...always-and I think I have just become accustom to that, but why? why should I be? Why cant I be the beautiful, confident girl? I dont see why not!! SO...here we go! This blog may take a turn to journey my weight loss goals (still wedding stuff though)...so sit down, strap on your seat belts and hold on for one hell of a ride!

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