Monday, July 20, 2009

2nd place-not too shabby

I qualified for this contest called "Lucky in Love" that our local radio station was giving away. There were 30 people who qualified. They were giving away a free wedding at Three Rivers Casino, paying for everything!! I thought sweet, I would love a free wedding...So yesterday me and my friend Marsia headed over to the coast to go to the casino, you had to be present to win. It was so exciting, everyone had a raffle ticket-they called 7 semi finalist up stage, and my # was the last one to be called, my heart was beating so fast! They had us all pick a seat on stage (I didnt get to choose since I was the last one to be called) and had us all open envelopes at the same time...I got runner up-bummer :( but the girl that won had been with her boyfriend for 12 years, so I definatly think she deserved to win. Im also kinda glad I didnt win, cause then I couldnt really do things the way I wanted to...and the photographer wasnt very well at all-it was all kinda, who wants their wedding dress to smell like a smokey casino anyway, right? :)

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