Thursday, February 4, 2010

whats wrong with me??

okay, so...I drink A LOT of water...A LOT...I try to do at least 100 oz a day. Odd thing, which may be TMI, but Im super curious about it is...even though I drink a ton of water, dont drink soda hardly (maybe one at lunch? sometimes) and like a half of a coffee in the morning, I dont pee very often. Take today for example, I pee'd when I got up, got to work, drank 3 of my camelbak water bottles full (no ice and 24oz each) and I didnt even pee until 2:15 pm. Tell me, thats weird huh? Any ideas as to what could be wrong w/ me?


  1. I'm not sure if this will help you, but I find that if I've gone a few days without drinking water I tend to be in the bathroom all the time.
    If I continually drink it I find that I go less. Not sure if your body adapts over time?

  2. You could just have a big bladder. As long as your pee seems normal you should be all good. You could read this article to check on "normal"