Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Its all coming together nicely

So with the wedding only a few months away I have been kinda freaking out how I have nothing done for the wedding...well, its finally starting to come together.

I bought the bridesmaid dresses (my sister Kelli found them and they were CHEAP, my favorite thing!).

My sister Stacey has set up a meeting for me w/ a lady that does cakes in Cottage Grove (plus, she is being sweet and offering the lady photography work for a discount on the cake...discount, YES!), we are meeting with her this weekend...below is a picture of what I think I would want my cake to look like, do you like?

My sister Kelli also found me a DJ-her husband use to be in a band with him, and he is awesome...another bonus...only $200!! (although we will probably pay him more than that)

Matt and I met w/ the Reverend this weekend who we want to marry us-he married Matt's sister, and has done several family funeral services for his family. I was really nervous to meet with him this past weekend, but after meeting w/ him for an hour, I feel so comfortable with him and I am really happy he will marry us.

Anyway, thats my progress...slowly but surely coming together!

bridesmaid dresses


  1. Girl, congrats! I missed that you were getting married. I swear I read for days on your blog. LOL I love love love the cake and those bridesmaid dresses are pretty!
    My dream job would be a wedding consult or planner.

  2. FUN FUN!! The wedding is going to be beautiful!

  3. Weddings are so fun! Love the cake and the dress is so classy!

  4. I love the cake! My soon-to-be-mother-in-law is making ours, I'm a little nervous for her, but it will look similar to yours except it will be round instead of square. Weddings are so expensive!!! I'm finding ways to cut costs, but we just know and are related to too many people (popular...NOT). Good luck with it all!

  5. Caitlin, when are you getting married?