Monday, March 30, 2009

wedding bells anyone?

Well, Matt and I bought a ring last its not technically official yet, but pretty darn close. It should be ready early this week and then I just have to wait and see when I will actually get the darn thing...but I cant help but be super excited about it. Its only been, what 8 YEARS already :)

Anyway, my hope is to keep this blog for the wedding planning so I can have a "record" so to speak of it. So far, what I know is-we want to get married at Cone Chapel at Willamette University in Salem (named after his grandparents) and that it will probably be May 2010.


  1. CONGRATS!! Love your nails (I need my nails done again - even if I don't bite them they don't gro for crap!)

    Thanks about Morgan :) he's pretty fun! You look great!