Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So...I just wanted to post a few links to some things that I have found so far that I like. Im thinking for colors a clover or sage green and pink, just few hints of pink though, I dont want too much. But what I do want is star gazer lillies, so Im thinking green dresses for the girls, green vests for the boys (I LOVE Matt in green it brings out his eyes so much) and just have the flowers be pink. Then I can also decorate with hints of pink...for a spring wedding I think those are great colors...opinions?

anyway, here is a link to a dress I found that I really like-however, I havent tried any on yet, so I may hate it.

I also like this dress for the girls, but I want them to all be comfortable too, so we will see how it looks on everyone, plus I dont want them to be too cold either.

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  1. Both of the dresses are BEAUTIFUL!! If you are worried about them being cold, you can have them decided on a cute cardigan they can wear after the ceremony. YAY for getting married!!