Thursday, October 21, 2010

Finally...some professional pics! warning picture overload!

I got them a few months ago, but things have been insane for me these past few months...hence the blog neglecting :)

I just recently got diagnosed w/ degenative disc disease which pretty much sucks...Ive been seeing a chriopractor for years for my headaches and it was the only thing that would help...well, now my doctors dont want me to go :( so going on 3 months now w/o the chiro is no fun. Been doing all sorts of fun treatments, injections into my neck, pain meds, numbing patches, etc...

Ayway, enough about me, oh wait...this is MY blog, so MORE about me...without further ado, here are some of our professional wedding pictures :)
~The Kiss...that was almost forgotten~

~Wedding Party~
~Matt's sister Heather, Matt, His mom Cathy and his sister Erin~

~I heart this picture~

~All the boys~

~My beautiful ring...the diamond was Matt's Grandpa's~

~The garter my mom made for me, out of her wedding dress, its so special~

~My boquet~

~Me and my new father in law Rich~

~I love my mama~

~And my daddy~

~Matt and his beautiful Mom~

~The Cone Family~

~Heather, Matt, Rich, Erin~

~Me and my Daddy dancing~
(its tradition in our family for our daddy to pick the song he wants us to dance with him to at our weddings, one that reminds him of song that he chose was "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman, GO LISTEN to it if you never have, its beautiful)

~Mommy daughter love~

~Again, I love this location~

~Lowell Family~


~First Dance~
(We danced to "Ill back you up" by Dave Matthews

~All the boys at "Cone Chapel" where we got married,
named after Matt's Grandma and Grandpa~

~Finally a Cone!!~

~Smith/Lowell Families~


~Me and my Maids L to R, my sister Kelli, my friend Marsia, Me,
and my MOH and sister Stacey~

~The boys waiting~

~The back of my dress...beautiful!~

~After the Ceremony~


  1. Beautiful! I love the orange flowers!
    so sorry about the headaches and the diagnosis. I get headaches and they just bite!