Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us your life...

Kelly over at Kellys Korner ( has a show us your life this week all about baby names.

Since the wedding is around the corner, and well, I pretty much want to start trying to have kids right away (although Matt doesnt, but heck, I have waited LONG ENOUGH, 9 years to get married, I say that I deserve to at least try, plus it will be fun for him)

anyway, dont think I have posted this here before, but I am almost 100% convinced that I we are going to have twins, I have had a weird feel about it my whole life and certain things have happened lately that just make me think its going to happen...

Matt and I cant really agree on boys names ever, but here are some that I really like




Ellisen Grace (Grace is the name of Matt's niece who sadly is in heaven now) I have been in love with this name for about 8 years now, and I dont think Matt could convince me of anything else

anyway, I need more ideas cause I dont really LOVE any boy help me out a little, IF/WHEN I have twins, pretty sure it will be a boy and a girl, so whats a good boy name to go w/ Ellisen?


  1. my favorite boy names are Garrison (my son actually), Duncan, Jesse (not sure why!), Grayson, Grant, and Graham.
    What if you have girl/girl twins? My girl names are Audrey (my daughter), Annabelle, and Reagan.

  2. Awww you're so cuuute with the baby names!!! A friend of mine has 2 sons ages 5 & newborn & they are Aden & Grayson & I think both those names are adorable. Brayden is pretty cute too. I think Ethan or Evan would be cute with Ellison, you could do E.G. names for both!! lol