Friday, November 20, 2009

I got my wedding dress!! And some more engagement pics

Matt and I got some of the rest of our engagement pics back and I love them, here are a few for your viewing pleasure :)

thats all Im posting of it...I love it and it fits me perfectly! I got it from this cute little bridal shop in Lebannon, Or. The woman was wonderful! I went up there w/ my best friend before she left for the Dominican and found this dress that I really liked, but it was like 6 sizes too big, I couldnt tell what it looked like and it was so frumpy on me. The woman offered to order it in MY size and she did! I drove up there w/ my mommy and tried it on and it just felt perfect dress, everything that I have ever wanted!

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  1. you are so gorgeous my love. seeing these pictures made me miss you more! I am just so happy for you guys!! and that dress! it looks sooooo gorgeous. that braided whatever it is on the side? I'm loving are going to look so beautiful!