Friday, August 14, 2009

A Rant of Sorts

I cant help but feel disappointment today after hearing the news yesterday that the Philly Eagles (one of my fav teams) signed Michael Vick...that just pretty much seale their fate with me and I will NEVER watch them again...boycotted, forever.

I keep hearing people state the reasons why Vick deserves a second chance (he grew up poor and didnt know any better) but really, you KNOW right from wrong, you KNOW its wrong when your drowning, electricuting, fighting and KILLING innocent animals...I dont buy it, not one bit-I will never buy it. As a loyal football fan, I am equally disappointed in the NFL for even allowing him to come back period.

I dont know if any of you have ever watched a video from a pit fighting ring...but they are horrible, HORRIBLE-I watch them and I am just so sad and in tears. People ask me why I do that to my self, why watch it, why not just pretend it doesnt exist?? Well, the reason for that is if I DONT watch it, then I dont know what to do to help CHANGE the owner of 2 pit mixes myself, I get odd looks when I walk them, or when friends come over, my neighbors all hate me (Even though my dogs are never outside unattended, always on leash, but their dogs are out roaming the neighborhood pooping in my yard and terrorizing my dogs through the front window) but I tell you they are some of the greatest most loving dogs ever and I just cant imagine that people can treat them this way...Vick should be electricuted and drowned-and then tell me that he deserves a second chance...Im just saying

okay, rant over :) thanks for listning

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