Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things happen for a reason...

So, I found this awesome website this woman makes amazing bows and they are really wonderfully priced...I right away thought of my precious niece Peyton (SUCH a girl) and found this awesome orange flower bow there that I thought would be great for the wedding (yeah, changed my colors to orange/black/yellow/pink) so I ordered it and a few more for Peyton-then my sister LOVED the bows too and we put in an order for like 20 more bows (I got a little blue one to wear on my wedding day for my "something blue"...anyway, I placed the order through my paypal and I forgot to change to my current address and so the bows went to my OLD OLD OLD address-the lady that got the bows out of curiousity opened up the package and then emailed Bridgette (oh so girly) and Bridgette got in contact with me, and long story short, Stacey went and picked up the bows-yay!!

ANYWAY, so Valerie (the woman who got the package) runs a discount craft website and has hooked up w/ Bridgette and they are doing a give-away!! I know not very many people read my blog but I thought I would post it here for anyone who is interested...

and here is a picture of my "something blue"


  1. ok, that is really funny!

    thanks about Morgan - he's a sweetie for sure!

    Good luck with the WW, I really do love it - I love being able to do it online so I can just punch everything in - it's SO nice!

    i'm not sure how much you eat out but if you do go to... - it is awesome and makes it so much easier to figure out when you're eating out!

  2. LOL, Nice to "Meet" You.....and yeah, thanks for not pressing charges for tampering with your mail! Ha Ha.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!